Amazing Baby Fish. There are all kinds of fish in sea and some of them get very big. But all fish have to start off as tiny babies. Have you ever wondered what the baby fish of different species look like? I’ll give you a hint…cute and adorable.

1. Swarm of Small Fish: Sophie Goodall and Dalma Boros/the treefort
2. Upclose Swarm of Fish: WetArtProductions
3. Sailfish: Randy Messing

1.Baby Billfish: Richard Brackett
2.Single Fish Egg: Anita Slotwinski/TAFI/UTAS
3.Pink Salmon Eggs: E. Peter Steenstra/USFWS
4.Fish Larva: USFWS
5.Baby Puffer Fish: Bruce Moravchik/NOAA
6.Baby Flounder: Jerry Prezioso/NEFSC/NOAA
7.Three Baby Paddle Fish: Spencer Neuharth/USFWS
8.Baby Mahi-Mahi Fish:
9.Large Mahi-Mahi: Bill & Mark Bell
10.Baby Sturgeon: Robert Elliott/USFWS
11.Large Sturgeon: USFWS
12.Baby Lamprey Fish: USFWS
13.Large Lamprey: Dave Herasimtschuk/Fresh Waters Illustrated/USFWS
14.One Baby Paddle Fish: USFWS
15.Large Paddle Fish: Tim Edison/INHS/USFWS
16.Baby Catfish: WabbyTwaxx/Flickr
17.Large Catfish: Thomsonmg2000
18.Baby Whale Shark: WWF Phillipines
19.Large Whale Shark: Elias Levy

Intro: Brett Donnelly – Action Sting
Soundtrack: Bealeg – Die Krankheit Letzte Woche