Spiderman Fishing For Frozen Elsa In The Toilet! W/ Joker, Shark, Venom & Maleficent In Real Life

Spiderman Fishing for Frozen Elsa in the Toilet! w/ Joker, Shark, Venom & Maleficent in Real Life

Joker is pouring a magical potion onto Elsa which causes her to shrink. He proceeds to take her money and drop her into the toilet before flushing it. As she falls to the bottom of the ocean, Elsa sees a lot of fish. Soon enough, she finds herself running from a shark. Just as Joker is leaving the crime scene, Spiderman catches him and forces him back inside while he investigates. Joker tells Spiderman where to find Elsa and escapes while the hero searches.

Spiderman is able to hear Elsa but can’t quite reach her. He stretches his arm down the drain and manages to bring a shark up to the surface. After a second try, Spiderman realizes that he can’t reach Elsa with just his arms. He leaves and returns with a fishing line on a rod, and proceeds to go fishing. The line reaches Elsa with ease, but snaps before she can make it back to the surface.

Spiderman gives Elsa a map to follow and fills up a pool as she attempts to find her way back home. He then fills the pool with balls which float above the water. As this occurs, Elsa finds her stop and leaps directly up. Suddenly, Elsa’s head is poking out of the surface of the pool and Spiderman helps her out before they celebrate her coming home safely together.

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